Dakota Bulldogges 

    Olde English Bulldogges - Family raised in our home as part of the family!


Sand Creek Vet Clinic - Dave Schultz, DVM and Katie Hunsucker, DVM   - 605-796-4145


                                       Dave Schultz, DVM and Katie Hunsucker, DVM are our Veterinarians for both our horses and dogs . Dave

                                       and Katie provide the best care in the area and we have trusted all of our animal cares to them for years. Dave and Katie                                            are very familiar with our pets, their health and how we take care of our pets.

CZ Pet Grooming -       Christy Zoss - 605-680-4269   

                                       Christy Zoss is our pet groomer and provides doggy day care for us when we are gone. Christy is well aware of how we

                                       manage our pet care and is 1st assist during breeding and delivery . Christy is very knowledgeable about dogs and is

                                       instrumental in keeping our pets happy and healthy!